Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yanceyville Ramble 200K

An ideal day for a 200K into the quiet, rolling roads of north central North Carolina. This was one of the most pleasurable rides I've been on in a while. Branson's Yanceyville Ramble 200K, which he adopted and adapted when John M went to New Zealand, launches from a Cracker Barrel off I-85 in Durham. A plate of pancakes, then four miles of urban riding before we spill out in the countryside. The route has shallow hills for 30 miles, but that changes when on Gunn Poole Road, and its three sisters, who have more temper on the return trip, especially sister #2, who kicks up angrily on the bottom section. I hit 41.3 mph rolling down on the way out, which gives you some idea of the steepness. You'll also encounter hills before Yanceyville, the home of Gilbert's North Road's Bike Shop, and hills around Hyco Lake. Several flat sections provide recovery time. The turnaround takes you to a restaurant which serves good burgers. Jerry bought and he is our new best friend. Wes pushed the pace on the way home, and we had to work to catch him after he dropped us going up a long grade on Pleasant Green Road. He is in exceptionally fine form this season. The cicadas were out again this weekend with their background music on several sections. Clouds in the morning and tailwinds, patches of sun in the afternoon and a bottle of Cheerwine at the finish made for a very fine day on the bikes. Branson has posted the ride stats, including his ride to and from the finish. There appears to be about 6,000 feet of climbing on the route.


bullcitybiker said...

I was in oxygen debt most of the ride and forgot to pay up the Pleasant Green Prime. It was between you and Jerry and I think you just edged him, no?

Mike Dayton said...

B - That top speed was on sister #2, heading out.