Monday, May 16, 2011

To all the folks who just earned this....

...You know who you are. All you riders who today are magnificently tired but rightfully proud for completing yesterday's 600K and earning Super Randonneur status for the very first time. Pat yourselves on the back. Ya done good.

A very special congratulations to "Rico" Dayton, who is now qualified for a little ride called Paris Brest Paris..... A highlight of my randonneuring career was seeing Brother Rob reach that historic milestone yesterday. Chapeau!


skiffrun said...

After a particularly long, deep, loud series of Rico Rob sighs, moans and groans ... I informed Rico that I had his brother's phone number saved on my cell, and if I heard anything that sounded remotely similar to "enough" or "quit", I would be calling said number and telling him to call his brother.
Not that I thought for a moment that I would need to make such a call ..., but my "threat" did provide a few moments of mirth.

Anonymous said...

Y'all gettin dropped.