Monday, March 7, 2011

Jerry's Streak

According to RUSA stats, there are 10 members who have 5 or more R-12 awards, which is earned by riding 12 consecutive months of sanctioned events of 200K or greater.

This weekend, I was fortunate to ride with Jerry Phelps, the guy who will soon be #11 on that list. Jerry has an impressive streak going, with an uninterrupted 60 months of 200Ks. I've been with Jerry on lots of rainy, cold rides, but Saturday was none of that. Instead, four of us basked in morning sun and seasonably comfortable temperatures throughout the day, with a trailing wind that showed us the way home. We rode Dean's Tar Heel 200, taking time for a Subway break in Tar Heel and a milkshake stop at Andy's in Steadman. A fine time was had by all. Ian, still aglow from his successful 1000K, showed up at the finish with a cake to mark the occasion. Camaraderie and icing on the cake!

Congratulations to Jerry from all of us, and long live the streak!


bullcitybiker said...

Felicitations JP!

You've inspired many NC Randonneurs to begin the R-12 journey and then keep it going.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Jerry!

bullcitybiker nailed it.

What a celebration! Talk about having your cake and milkshake, too! You deserve it.


John Morris said...

Great job, Jerry! See you on the road soon. John M

Jerry Phelps said...

Thanks guys.

A big surprise from Ian and Mary and to have Mike publicize it on the best biking blog in world, well that's just the icing on the cake.

mcn7 said...

Maybe now that the R-60 is done Jerry can take time to find (and use) his razor!