Sunday, December 5, 2010

Whirligig 100K / Dec. 4 2010

Fellow NC Randonneur Andy, with an assist from RUSA web guru Jim K, recently unveiled an invaluable Google map that displays the start location for RUSA's 1,000-plus permanent routes. Rocky Mount rider Tim Lucas just put a new pushpin in the North Carolina map, with a 100K permanent, the Whirligig, which begins in Nashville, about 45 miles east of Raleigh, and winds its way down to Vollis Simpson's whirligig farm near Lucama.

Four of us -- myself, Tim, Deaner and John O -- kicked the tires yesterday with an inaugural ride. The day started cold and got colder. We finished around 2 p.m., just minutes before a snowstorm pushed in from the west. Despite the cold, a fine time was had by all.

For those interested in a recovery ride with RUSA credit, put the Whirligig on your to-do list. The roads are quiet and the route is just about as flat as a buckwheat pancake, perfect for a fixed gear or single speed spin. Plus there are plenty-o-eats along the way with multiple restaurant choices, including Klints Korner in Lucama, Hardees in Bailey and Andy's Burgers at the finish.

Tim has racked up serious miles this year -- he crossed the 14,000-mile mark on Saturday, so we rewarded this accomplishment by allowing him to pull us the entire distance of the course.  Here's a shot from yesterday's ride at Vollis' property. Interesting light.

The route cuts through the heart of sweet potato country, and the lowly yam apparently requires massive processing facilities -- you'll see three of them along the way. 

We also crossed a gun-blue Tar River...

and the impressive Contentnea Creek, cruised past Gov. Jim Hunt's home in Rock Ridge, and cut through the old neighborhoods of Bailey. Then there is the, umm, petting zoo at the final control on Sandy Cross Road....

... and, at the Lucama control, what is widely regarded as the world's finest collection of  pork rind products....

Another fine day on the bikes. Thanks to all for the great company.

Note: Tim's new permanent was among the new routes that pushed the number of permanent routes past the 1,000 mark. Here's a note from Permanents Coordinator Crista Borras:
I'm very happy to say that we now have more than 1000 RUSA permanents (1010 as of this writing)!   Many thanks and congratulations to all of you for your valuable contributions to RUSA this past year in designing and administering so many wonderful permanent routes.  Keep them coming, too.  As "all the leaves are brown and the sky is gray" you probably have more time to design new routes and I have more time to review them. 


skiffrun said...

"Tim has racked up serious miles this year -- he crossed the 14,000-mile mark on Saturday, so we rewarded this accomplishment by allowing him to pull us the entire distance of a course."


Lucas said...

I can't believe I fell for that!

Super great company none the less!

dean furbish said...

I thought the reason Tim pulled all day was because he was the rookie. Official "Rookie of the Year" to be sure, but rookie, nonetheless.

Seriously, great course, great ride, great company. Thanks to Tim for his hospitality and to everyone for a fun-filled day.

Mike did a geat job in this and his previous post of highlighting some of the things riders will enjoy seeing in this part of our state on this ride. Thanks, Tim.

bullcitybiker said...

Now we know what happened to Wilson's water tower rooster. "Cock o' the walk, baby!"

Biker Bob said...

Mike, drop your saddle a couple of inches and you might be able to scoot your fixie under Foghorn Leghorn