Sunday, December 19, 2010

Let It Snow / Black Creek Ride

First came the snowflakes, about the size of cotton balls. Then came the sleet and a cold rain. Another fine and frosty day on the bikes during yesterday's 204K Showdown at Black Creek. Out for a spin in the winter weather were Capn Ende, Carol, Lynn, Tim, Bryan and Chris, who carried the red lantern for us.

Our hope was that we'd be able to slide this ride in between a couple threatening weather systems. We were prepared for the cold, with a predicted high in the 30s. The forecast had the precipitation rolling in around 5. If we stayed at it, not too much lolllygagging at the controls, we might just make it.

About 25 miles from the finish, the low clouds opened the freezer door for some frozen treats, first snow and then stinging sleet pellets. It just added to the adventure, and there were no real complaints, except for a few about that country ham biscuit at Bojangles.

We'll take the holiday spirit wherever we can find it, including this fine looking tree at the first control at the crossroads just north of Bailey. We've decided to give that store the Clean Bathroom award.

A shot from the turnaround in Black Creek. Bike friendly community?

A portrait at the finish with the front facing camera.
Thanks to all for a great day on the bikes, and congratulations to Carol for her Fourth R-12 Award!


Anonymous said...

Carol and Chris gettin' it done! Plus all the rest of you in between!



Sara Huston said...

Hey hey, sounds like y'all are getting "our" weather. It was a balmy 35F with dry roads on our ride yesterday. A little white stuff today!