Monday, November 1, 2010

Tar Heel 200 Permanent: Halloween 2010

Dear boos and ghouls, what wonderful weather for an end-of- October ride, which delayed our start a few minutes due to clothing adjustments on my part as riders patiently waited. In fact, we continued to peal off layers for the next 40 miles.

Bicycles and breakfast at the start control.

Speaking of the witching hour, Martin is surely metamorphosing into a monster. Just for the month of October, he knocked out 1,300 RUSA kilometers on the way to eclipsing 1,000 total personal miles for the month.

Monster-man Martin using all of his faculties attempting to suppress a smile.

When engaged, Lin easily took county line sprints on his recumbent projectile. Even when I jumped early, the rocket man took me down.

Although he wasn’t wearing a costume, one can easily picture Al, here, in superhero garb as Underdog.

Unfortunately, two months ago—53 days ago to be exact—Al broke his hip and collarbone in a cycling accident and was subsequently confined to a wheelchair. Just eleven days ago, Al got back on his bike. And today, he rode one hundred and twenty-five miles, completing the ride. Superhero, indeed!

Now for some Halloween pictures. Not too scary . . .

In a tightly contested race of hotair generation today, this balloon near Dunn nudges into first place.

You’ve heard of tall cotton. How about big cotton, here, near Erwin?

Finally, a “haunted” house in Erwin.

Thanks for the ride, Boos!

Let’s ride!


skiffrun said...

Nicely done, Dean.

I particularly like the first photo, with the late afternoon autumn light highlighting the high-visibility colors, contrasting with the well-defined shadows and tar snakes on the road, with "them old cotton fields" making a picturesque background.

We should have encouraged you to get up "close and personal" with the haunted house, so you could have gotten close-ups of that front porch.

dean furbish said...

I would have had to hand the camera off to one of you brave souls; I was too scared to get any closer.

YungFalbz said...

Spooktacular report. :-)