Monday, November 8, 2010

More pictures from Dean's 10,000 km achievement

Dean and a fan at the 10,000km mark on Williamson Road just before the VA/NC line.

I would like to add my congratulations to Dean for a great year of riding and his pursuit of 10,000km. As Mike says, he's been an inspiration to all of us and his dedication to our sport is unmatched. It was my pleasure to meet Dean on his R-1 on a chilly day in February 2007, so it only seems fitting that we rode together again when he reached 10,000km in a single year and increased his streak to R46. Chapeau!

Cinnamon Girl breaking the rules.

Obligatory shots at the dam.

As Mike said, the weathermen couldn't have been more wrong. Do they ever get it wrong in our favor?

"If I could talk to the animals . . . . " Oh God, please don't let that song get stuck in my head for the rest of the ride.

Uninterested specatators on Shiney Rock Road.


skiffrun said...

Now I understand Mike's comment at the finish.

dean furbish said...

Thanks, Jerry, for spearheading this ride!

Obviously, it couldn't have come at a better time . . . But you knew that. For me at least, it's almost always easier to join a group of riders than it is to head out solo.

I recall you pointing out the llamas the first time we rode together on Mike's enchanting KLL Permanent. Nice of the llamas to show up for today's celebration! They must have gotten your memo. You sure you don't speak to the animals?

You saw me through my first RUSA ride on that cold, windy February day a few years back. At the time --- my longest-ever ride. Consequently, I'm glad you were there this Saturday.

You're up next, K-Hound! I want to be there when you achieve 10,000km this year. This month.

Let's ride!