Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Old Roads

When Tony's 300K / 600K route brought us by this intersection last weekend, it made me smile. My mom was born and raised on Greens Bridge Road, and I spent many happy summers there on the farm as a boy. My sister, cousins and I would ride our bikes all the way from Grandma and Pa's to this signpost, and heeding the stern warnings from our grandparents about not getting out on "the Highway," we'd turn back, giddy with pushing the limits, exploring the world. It was nearly 2 miles round trip for us. This weekend, I giddily made the signpost at mile 130-something, with many more to go. Golden memories of my grandmother and grandfather, the farm, a simpler time, warmed me in the late-afternoon light.



Rongmal said...

Nothing like some good nostalgia on a brevet!

YungFalbz said...

Nice post. I do a lot of reminiscing on rides too...there's something about them, no matter the physical challenge, that is meditative.

Sorry I missed your arrival at the finish. Sleeping probably. :-)