Monday, October 25, 2010

Bicycle Flash Mob

Jeff M of DC-Rand always posts interesting links, like this flashmob in Brussels. Enjoy...


skiffrun said...

Nicely edited. But I thought a flash-mob thing, though possibly rehearsed ahead of time at some other location, was supposedly a one-off performance, and then the crowd disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared.

In this case, I wonder how many performances they had to do to get the final video.

Watch the analogue clock above the arrival / departure schedule board.

The show starts at 10:15, and then later it is as early as ~ 9:40. The time on the clock jumps back and forth.


omg: verification work: "redou"

skiffrun said...

re-watched. Slight correction of above.

I think the first time one sees the analogue clock, the time is 9:37. But the clock skips back and forth between ~ 9:40 and 10:15.

Given the number of completely different scenes with the 10:15 showing, I suspect that at some point a "continuity" person reset the clock to 10:15, and the clock was kept there.

Was it a "flash-mob" performance, or something more akin to a theater performance done in a public location?

Still a nice show, though.

YungFalbz said...

Hell yeah. Love those skills...fabtastic cover of Bohemian Rhapsody too.