Monday, September 20, 2010

Dean, Adrian & Dr. C -- Gone Worldwide!

Thanks to our good friends (especially Trevor) at Audax Australia, who have reprinted an article from RTP written by our very own Dean. The article is here: Phun Physiology: Use It or Lose It.

Dean, you are finally get the international attention you deserve for your tremendous contributions on cycling and physiology. Not to mention some flat-out phun blog posts.

Also, in the briefly section, the Adrian Hands Society gets a mention. Nice! And there is an article by Dr. Codfish of Washington State, who does a regular article for American Randonneur.

Checkpoint is a tremendous publication and we're honored to be represented in it. Our humble thanks.

Speaking of representation, I see several U.S. riders on the provisional start list for the Oct. 5-8 Australian 1200K, Perth Albany Perth, including Mark Thomas, Spencer Klaassen (on a fixed gear!), Maille Neel and Carol Bell.

And, of course, one John Morris from New Zealand....


Prentiss said...

I follow this blog quite a bit. I think I first saw a link here for Coho Bicycles, at least it was a link to Coho's blog.

Well, Coho has changed their website. I wanted to send Coho and email, but there is no longer a link for contact.

I was wondering if you could hook me up with Coho? An email to Prentiss at berrydata dot com will work.

BTW, I enjoy the blog. Sounds like you NC guys have a lot of good riding.

Sorry to ask for contact for Coho this way, but I can't think of another way at the moment.

Mike Dayton said...

Greetings, Prentiss,

I've passed along your info.

Thanks, Mike

Prentiss said...

Hi Mike,

I had received an email from Robert Bingham saying that Chuck was working on a new opportunity and was taking a break for an unspecified time period. Looks like I might have waited too long to contact Chuck.