Saturday, September 25, 2010

90 to go

Carol & Rorie in Collinwood... Also riding with Capn... Have seen Paul S and John P. Both doing well... Assume Lynn already done.

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skiffrun said...

90 to go -- Assume Lynn already done ...

go back three or four weeks ...

Lynn: "No one I know is doing the ride; they are dropping out; I don't know who I can ride with!"

Me: "Mike hasn't dropped out, has he? Ride with him."

Lynn: "If he'll let me."

Me: "I'm sure Mike would be happy to have you ride with him and whoever else he's riding with; all you have to do is slow down a little."

Lynn: "I doubt I can even keep up with Mike."

flash forward back to today ...

Me, upon reading Mike's post: "Ea-yep."