Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Secret Garden | Get ‘er Dunn | Aug 29 2010

JayJay picked a beautiful day to ride the 102km Get ‘er Dunn permanent populaire that slips from south Raleigh to Dunn and back. Here are some scenes from today’s leisurely ride, including another peek at and more information about “the secret garden.”

Morning glories, cotton bolls in the morning sun at the edge of a field just north of Erwin.

Time warp, Main Street, Coats.

Lines on roadside building, Angier.

Weather vane, Willow Spring.

This is not The Secret Garden to which I was referring . . .

. . . the classic children’s book.

The secret garden to which I am referring is a business—Water & Garden Creations—run by Frank Schwartz whose operation is located on Jackson-King Road. The audible gurgling of the water garden as one cycles past is the only tell-tale sign of its existence. The following scenes are not visible from the road, nor is the fact that herein lies a commercial business operation.

Let’s Ride!

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Mike D said...

Terrific pictures, and I like the way you're hunting down new tales to tell.

Let's ride soon!

Mike / Raleigh