Sunday, August 8, 2010

5 Questions with.. Maria

Maria started riding with the Triangle group late last year, and in that short amount of time, she's become one of the regulars. If she's not riding, she's volunteering. But she is riding- a lot! She's on pace to top 5000K this year. I asked Maria if she'd kick-off this semi-regular feature, "5 Questions." She agreed, so here we go..

1- How did you decide randonneuring was something you needed to do?
Gradually. I initially started because I wanted to do some Ironman distance rides with 'non-racing-minded' riders. Conversion from triathlon to randonneuring just happened because of the near-perfect mix of challenge and fun on brevets and permanents.
 2- What's been your favorite ride so far, and why?
It's hard to find just one. They've all had some aspect that falls in a favorite category - favorite route, favorite stranger reactions, favorite food, etc. My most memorable was my first ride- Dean's "Tar Heel 200" permanent. I just showed up after trading an email or two without ever having met Dean. Risky. The thing that impressed me the most is that we were out there. Alone (several of us). Unsagged. Just riding. For hours. All day. Taking care of whatever might come our way. I thought it was thrilling and dangerous.
 3- Greatest tip to pass along to others?

Take care of your bike (and gear) and it will take care of you: clean it after every ride, lube it and I even sing to mine sometimes. :-P Also, learn from the long-timers. People who've done this for awhile have solutions to all kinds of crazy issues associated with biking long distances in all kinds of situations. 
 4- Do you have a Big Randonneuring Goal that you're shooting for?

Near future, R-12, riding all the NC permanents this year and successfully completing a 600 km. Far future - riding rando-style across the US...PBP and LEL are also in the back of my mind. Maybe not next year, but eventually.  
 5- What's that one song that always seems to pop in your head on a ride?

Probably because it's on my iPod, but "Fantastic Voyage" was playing during a control stop on Jerry's "Howling Grits" permanent populaire and I often find myself humming some of it at some point on any ride.
Maria didn't say if her "Fantastic Voyage" is the 1994 Coolio version, or Lakeside's 1980 original, so here are both. Thanks, Maria!

Stay tuned for the next "5 Questions.."

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YungFalbz said...

I like both versions, but Lakeside's is my favorite.

Looking forward to the next victim's answers!