Sunday, July 4, 2010

Into The Woods..

The Chesapeake & Ohio Canal had a relatively short lifespan. Digging began on July 4th, 1828, and the Canal closed in 1924. Industry's loss is our gain, now that the National Park Service maintains it for recreation. Recent posts from Gilbert and Adrian had rekindled my interest in riding it from start to finish- 185 miles. On their advice, I decided to scout 25 miles between Williamsport and Hancock, Maryland, on my fixed-gear commuter. I learned that maybe a fixed-gear isn't the bike to use for 300K of dirt riding on the flats, but we'll see. If you're thinking of riding the C&O, you'll find Bike Washington's "C&O Bicycling Guide" a huge help.


dean furbish said...

bullcitybiker, the route and environs look like great places to explore.

bullcitybiker said...

Dean- exploring is what the C&O is all about! This little 25 mile jaunt took me almost 4 hours as I was stopping every 10 feet to check out a ruin or take a photo. I'm thinking an early October ride. Let me know if you're interested.