Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kerr Lake Loop 6-6-10

I did something today I've never done before on a bike ride. Flipped my flipflop hub from fixed to free. The moment of truth came at mile 100 on today's Lake Loop. We had ferocious heat of 96 degrees in the middle part of the day and heavy head and cross winds for much of the afternoon. How hot was it? We saw a tree and a fire hydrant fighting over a dog. (Jerry made me post that one).

A cramp hit me in the left thigh as I crested a very slight rise. Riding fixed, it took me two or three painful pedal strokes to bring my bike to a stop. I leaped off and walked along the road until the muscles settled down and played nice again.

I didn't trust my legs anymore. How would I make it another 30 miles in this heat? And then, a moment of inspiration. I hung my bike over the back of a mailbox post, snagged my Campy peanut butter wrench from the tool bag and became a free man, gearwise. No more problems for the rest of the day.

Despite the wind and the heat, we had a fine time out there. Today's line-up included some new blood -- four first-time Super Randonneurs John, Tim, Bryan and Geof -- as well as seasoned PBP anciens Jerry and Wes.

We came across a triathlon as we skirted the southern edge of the lake and for a half-hour watched fellow cyclists stream past. They didn't appear to be having as much fun as our crew.

Here is the obligatory shot from the dam.

In the afternoon, we took extraordinary measures to cool down. Here's Jerry with his head in the ice cooler at a Stovall convenience store.

Thanks to all for another great day on the bikes.

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Jerry Phelps said...

A "slight" rise at mile 100? Would that have been Martin's infamous Stovall Mountain? That's where I was as my computer clicked over 100. Mike Dayton--master of the understatement?