Wednesday, May 12, 2010

NC Randonneur Jerseys!

As seen on local, national and international brevets -- our local rando club is reordering the NC Randonneurs jersey, designed by our very own Branson and worn and admired by randonneurs worldwide. There may be minor changes in the design, it will have the same logo and motto (ride / eat / sleep).

Price? A mere $75. Interested? Please e-mail with contact info and sizing to mdayton1@

Jersey cut: You'll have a choice of Pro-Fit (slimmer) or Relaxed Fit.

Deadline: May 17.

Payment: $75 through Paypal or check once the order is placed.


Doctor on a bike said...

Mike, is there interest in, and is it even an option for these to be full zip?

Mike D said...

Keith, I'm not sure about that option, but I'll certainly ask.

Great seeing you last week. Hope to see you on the 600.