Sunday, April 25, 2010

UFOs & Other Yard Art

You'll occasionally see references on our Raleigh brevets to the UFO. At Lynn's request, I stopped yesterday on our 300K for a close-up. Here ya go. It seems as if these aliens have poked around in a yard sale or two.

Here's another UFO I saw yesterday. I had a hard time getting a good shot, as it was really moving, but it appeared to be friendly.

A couple other pieces of yard art along the way. You'll have to look closely to see this one, as I shot it on the fly...

This cow is one of my favorites. The owners smiled and waved when they saw me stop for a photo op.

Here's Fearless Leader Al, as in take me to your leader...

Here's some of the line-up at the start. There were 39 riders, a record, according to Al, for a 300K. We had one rider from Michigan and several from Virginia and South Carolina. Why such big numbers for this year's rides (about 50 on the 200K)? I'm guessing everyone has PBP in their headlights.

Thanks to all for a great day on the bikes, and especially to those riders for whom the 300K marked their longest-ever ride.


Vance Ricks said...

I'm glad that you got photos of the cow and of the helpfully-labeled UFO. I hope that you had a great ride, and also that the fenders will be successful for you!

lifeshighway said...

The UFO and the Cow are excellent yard art reporting. My husband is also a biker and he reports that it is impossible for his to take pictures will he is riding, hmmm.

Would love have your finds make a visit on Life's Highway.

Mike O. said...

Did you happen to see the peacock sitting on a fence rail near the house with the purple lady sculpture? I heard it first, then saw it sitting on a top rail 100 yards in. It was about 6 feet off the ground with its tail hanging down almost all the way down to the ground.

Mike O.

YungFalbz said...

I couldn't seem to get my camera out in time to take photos. Glad you posted these.

Didn't see the peacock, but Sara and I did notice many whimsical mailboxes that I'll try to get pics of next time. I think Geof has a pic of a mailbox made of a crashed bike!