Friday, April 16, 2010

Riding the DC Randonneurs Flèche 2010

Two NC Randonneurs are mixing it up and hopping on the DC Randonneurs Flèche this weekend. Jerry and I are joining team captain Lynn K for the event, which got underway officially this morning.

Our team's name is "Team Nutz to DC," since we're starting in Emporia, Virginia, famous for the peanuts grown in the area and its "Great Peanut Tour" bicycle ride. Lynn elaborates on the team name: "slightly crazed people riding to DC.. The "z" is for zombie, and maybe there is an acronym in there somewhere." She's too modest to mention that both her and Jerry could be "nutz" for doing their second flèche of the year. They were teammates with Mike D for the NC Flèche a couple of weeks ago. Lynn captained that team, too.

Our team is launching Saturday morning at 6:30. RBA Bill Beck sent along the following roster and start times for the other teams. Good luck and safe riding to all of them.

I'll be posting as much as I can on Facebook. Wish us luck!

DC Randonneurs Fleche Roster 15‐18 April 2010

Anciens and Poets 4/16 @ 0700 369K

David G

Robert M

Randy M

Rick R

Blue Ridgers @ ???? 380K

Tom R

Hank G

Fred R

Alejandro S

Carnivores 4/17 @ 0630 371K

Crista Borras (T1)

Bill B

Mary C (T2)

Chris M

Maile N

Kelly S (T2)

Chuck W (T1)

FrankenFleche 4/17 @ 0700 377K

George W

Nick B (T?)

Jan B (T?)

Chris B

Craig D

Jim L

Full Monty in the Fleche 4/17 @ 0700 381K

Ray S

Jeff E

Nancy K

Eric P

Todd S

Nutz to DC 4/17 @ 0630 375K

Lynn K

Jerry P

Branson K

Richmond Grays 4/17 @ 0700 368K

Paul D

Carol B

Al P

Sins of the Fleche 4/17 @ 0700 374K

George M

Gary D

Cheryl G (T)

Lowell G (T)

Cliff H

Jim L

Team Rouge 4/17 @ 0700 368K

Bill A

Tyler B

Scott G

Stan M

Velo Expresso Gelato 4/17 @ 06:45 388K

Lane G

Ed F (T)

Mary G (T)

Mike R


Anonymous said...

Hope ya'll have a great ride!


dean furbish said...

Yeah, all you guys have fun!

Hey, Branson, at least you know what you are in for --- riding with two real carnivores in Lynn K and Jerry who can't get enough fleche.

bullcitybiker said...

Maria and Dean and everyone else who chimed in privately-

Thanks very much for your good wishes! As you know, it makes these adventures a little easier knowing friends are pulling for us.

We found out today that our ride is official. Yes, there was some serious concern it was all for nothing. Stay tuned for the ride report..