Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Local Farmers Market

I just got a note that a Farmers Market is starting up in our local Five Points neighborhood in Raleigh...

What does this have to do with cycling, you ask? Neighborhood markets encourage folks to walk, or bike, for their produce shopping. So put a basket on that three speed and head on over. And just where do you get a basket, you ask? Why, Gilbert's North Road Bicycle Imports in Yanceyville, of course. He'll also sell you a bike to go with it, like one of those 3 Pashleys parked in front of his courthouse square location.

Meantime, I've improvised a basket on Maxi's Rudge:

The full notice about the Farmers Market is below:

You are invited to the new Five Points Farmers Market starting May 1st at 8am-12pm and the Kick Off party Friday night April 30th before the Saturday market. There will be free food and drink and live music.

Eat Locally… Experience the difference
Bickett Market is a neighborhood market focused on supporting North Carolina products. Our mission is to help small farmers and fishermen in North Carolina by giving them another outlet to sell their goods. We feel that the Five Points neighborhood is a perfect place for us to start this venture. As residents of the Five Points neighborhood we have notice a demand for local quality products, within walking distance or short drive away. We would like to help educate the community on the best way to buy and prepare foods. We are excited about this opportunity to make a difference and look forward to meeting all of you.

We will be sending out an e-mail weekly which will include what items we will be having that week and instructions for purchasing, reserving and paying. Please also look out for our “Neighborhood Door Hanger Survey” so we can get feedback from you on the items you would like us to carry at the store. For more information on the Market please sign-up at the website at the bottom of the page.

Local products we will be carrying include:

North Carolina Seafood- Our Seafood is direct from our coast that is usually sourced out through small scale fisherman and commercial fleets. Along with these sources we own a shrimp boat that we will be utilizing throughout the year to catch shrimp, flounder, Grouper, trigger, Sword, Mahi, Wahoo, Cobia, Snapper and a variety of fresh shellfish including Stump Sound, Figure Eight and Lockwood Folly Oysters and Littleneck Clams. We have partnership with many local fisherman to buy their catch direct off the boat.

Local Grass Feed Beef and Dairy Products- Our grass feed beef is from Rare Earth Farms which is located in Zebulon NC , which is about 20 miles outside of Raleigh . Karl Hudson III owns and operates the farm and is also residents of the Five Points neighborhood. The beef is 100% black Angus and is Animal Welfare Approved. Our dairy products start with Jackson Farm and we will have milk, cream, butter, and ice cream. We will feature different farms each week with different breeds of beef, dry and wet aged and different cuts too.

Organic Free Range Pork- We will have several different cuts of pork that we are sourcing from local farmers within 60 miles of the store. Our first feature farm will be Coon Rock Farm. They are an organic and bio dynamic farm that produces several different products. They have some of the best pork chops we have ever tasted. They also have home in the Five points neighborhood when they aren’t staying at the farm.

Free Range Poultry and Eggs- We will also offer several different types of free range eggs from different breeds of birds. We will also have whole free range birds that we will be sources out from several different farmers in the area. We also have our own in-house carpenter that can build you your very own chicken coop and we can source a great variety of birds for your home use.

Produce- A wide variety of seasonal produce will be available throughout the year. A lot of the produce is grown right here in Five Points! New Grass Gardens is one of our partners and they set up and maintain gardens in the Five Points neighborhood.

We will carry an array of other goods as we progress…

Other things happening at Bickett Market will include:

Seasonal-Year Round Farmers Market
Special Catered Events featuring Local Farmers

Cooking Demos
Outdoor Event Space with fully catered Events
Community Supported Agriculture Programs CSA’s
Home Delivery for Groceries
To Sign Up email Jason@BickettMarket .com

219 Bickett Blvd
Raleigh, North Carolina

Any questions please e-mail to Jonathan@BickettMar ket.com 919-600-9267 or

Jason@BickettMarket .com 919-291-3286

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