Sunday, April 11, 2010

Having your cake and eating it, too...

I've got some great pals. I recently reached a little cycling milestone and the rando crew honored me with a cake at the start of yesterday's 200K. Nice! That really made my day. After that gesture, I almost hated to drop em on the uphills....almost.

A heartfelt thanks to the whole bunch who did that (I suspect Dean as the ringleader). The best part was that everybody got a slice at the finish. It went perfectly with the homemade brew that Fearless Leader Al served up.


Charles Lathe said...

That is very cool. Thanks for the photo. When the sight seers finally came in, only part of the front wheel and some balloons were left. And plenty of Al's great tomato sandwiches.

Chuck Lathe

skiffrun said...

I finished when Chuck did and ... all I saw was a column of balloons and a section with "Co" or maybe "Con". I ate that section, leaving only a column of balloons.