Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NAHBS Report (not mine) & Pix (not mine)

We had a fine time at the Handmade Bike Show, and getting there was half the fun. Chuck Lathe of Coho Bikes was an exhibitor and did a nice write-up. You can see it here. I'm with Chuck when he says the people were the best part.

I talked to some fantastic builders, like Eric Keller, a PA framebuilder and randonneur, Tom Palermo of MD and Mills Brothers from right here in NC. I got up early Sunday and went downstairs to the lobby for a coffee and sat down for a half-hour with builder Peter Weigle. We talked about the magic in certain frames, and the trend to do creative restoration of old bikes.

Dale Brown of Cycles De Oro in Greensboro took tons of photos. Check them out here.


Kelly Smith said...

Mike, you and Branson were the highlight of the event for me; I bow down before your rando awesomeness!

Seriously, you may not remember speaking, you were pretty out of it - not surprisingly! Good ride, Kelly

Mike D said...

Greetings, Kelly,

I remember you well, even if I was a bit groggy. It was great seeing several of the DC-Rand folks. We're looking forward to riding with you this season.

Mike / Raleigh