Wednesday, February 3, 2010


In 2009, NC Randonneur of the Year John Morris completed two Super Randonneur series, two ACP 1200K grand randonnées, and earned our state's first "Can-Am Challenge" award. How was he going to top that for 2010?

He left town.

And he really left town. John and his family packed up and moved to New Zealand on New Year's Day, eager to live abroad for a year on the opposite end of the Earth. While some NC brevets are in danger of being canceled due to winter weather, John and his family are soaking up the sun in summertime. They are blogging about their adventures, so bookmark their site, and check out their amazing pictures and stories often.

As far as riding, typical of John, he's not saying much about his looming adventure called the "Kiwi Brevet 2010." Calling this ride a brevet is selling it short- it's more like an adventure race. A mountainous 1100K, much of it on dirt roads! One neat feature is the riders will be issued SPOT transponders for safety, which means we can track them online. Here's the link to John's SPOT.

Wish John and the other 64 riders luck as they gather at 10:00A local time on Saturday, February 6. With the 18-hour difference from EST in the States, that means we'll see them off close to 4:00P Friday afternoon. We're pulling for you, Dr. John. Ride well and blog often.

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