Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This Just In: Cheap Helmets Work Just Fine

Consumer Reports is blogging about recent tests on bicycle helmets ranging in price from $9.96 to $200. The findings? You get the same protection no matter how much you pay. Brand names are not mentioned, though they're not hard to guess if you click through to the results website. No word on how many laughs the $9.96 helmet got from motorists.


Biker Bob said...

I would also be interested to compare the weight difference between a cheap and expensive helmet. Wearing something for many hours vs riding around the neighborhood means keeping it light as well as strong. Personally I've been satisfied with helmets in the $40 to $50 range (on sale).

Mike O. said...

I wonder how well ventilated and comfortable the inexpensive helmets are. It might be OK to wear a cheap helmet for a short neighborhood ride, but what about 10 hours in the saddle in June or July?

In the good old days before bike helmets, i.e. 1980, when the only helmets around were the leather hairnets, one winter I wore a hockey helmet as a bike messenger.

Mike O.