Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vintage Tour de France Footage

Very cool. Picked this up from the Gyro mailing list. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Mike - check out "Part 2" of that, also (another 9 or 10 minutes).

Part 1 is the fun stuff. But Part 2 touches on doping, 1964 style - which was alcohol and uppers, for a one hour "buzz". It shows the medical evacuation choppers and ambulances, and some other gritty stuff, including following one rider until he falls into the ditch with exhaustion.

Not pretty, but it is interesting. --- Martin

Cap'n said...

I definitely would have been a drink raider.

Do they still do that? I've never seen it on Versus.

Charles Lathe said...

Man, the bicycles were so beautiful. What happened?


Anonymous said...

Chuck, thankfully builders like yourself are carrying the flame.

Mike / Raleigh