Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays

Photographer and videographer Damon Peacock took this great shot of Yad Moss blanketed in snow. It's used with his permission. For a look at his season greetings in other languages, see his photo stream. He also has several cycling videos that are worth checking out.

Cap'n Ende and I saw that same scene in slightly greener conditions during LEL. Yad Moss was the high point -- and one of the highlights -- of LEL.


Cap'n said...

As soon as I saw that building coming up I knew a great shop would be available. I snapped around twenty of you as you went through various turns. I liked almost all of them. I know that you would have been snapping photos of that same scene had you not forgotten your camera at the bakery at the base of Yad Moss. Of course you would have had to turn around if you wanted a cyclist in the frame as I was in my usual spot of trailing you. Merry Christmas.

Mike D said...

...and my eyes would have been shaded from the sun had not also lost my glasses!

Merry Christmas back at ya!

Mike / Raleigh