Thursday, November 5, 2009

V for Velo

It's Nov. 5, Guy Hawks Day, and that means it's also the fourth annual showing of V for Vendetta at Raleigh's Colony Theater. The guys from 1304 Bikes have been doing an evening ride to the Colony for special weekday showings like this, and the good folks at the Colony let em in for free to encourage cycling. Cycling and cinema: a winning combination.

Tonight the peloton was just me and Moshe, leaving from the big church on the corner at Five Points. We were both riding fixed gear, but Moshe is braver / younger / smarter / more handsome / more baldless (pick any combination) than I and rolls without brakes. He's an incredibly swift and agile rider, and he is astride a bike that he acquired from a mutual friend who used to work at buddy Ed's shop, CycleLogic, a good place to hang out for equal shares of advice and adjustments.

On last week's 1304 ride, Rob and I wove through the neighborhoods to reach our destination. Moshe prefers the straight arrow approach. I guess that makes him a fleche rider. And so we stuck to the big roads, cannonballing straight up Six Forks, a major Raleigh artery. Along the way we figured out a couple folks we know in common -- he recently rode to Yanceyville with Byron and he met Branson on the Tobacco Trail in Durham. He says he's going to join us soon on a brevet.

Here's Moshe with a refreshing beverage before the movie start. As for V, I had the urge to stand up and yell "bonfire!" but I resisted and finished my popcorn.

These 1304 rides to the movies make for an entertaining evening of cycling. Destination rides are my favorite kind and the price is right. You can stay up to speed on their events by signing up on Facebook.

A special thanks to the Colony for supporting area cycling. By the way, they're showing Pee Wee's Big Adventure on Nov. 18 -- and they're giving away a donated 1304 bike. That's a ride you won't want to miss. Dibs on the poster.

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