Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1950s London Cycling Videos

These videos are making the rounds on the randon lists and they're worth sharing. I have a special interest in this because lately I've been riding a 1950s frame, and it's a pleasure to see how riders set up them up back in the day. Looks like you can never go wrong hanging a Carradice bag on one. I think I spotted local rider Gilbert in a couple of the shots....

The idea of mixing bikes and train transportation is a good one. Several of us took Amtrak home after an overnight ride to Richmond in 2008. Here's the write-up.


-b said...

Aw man, great stuff! Makes me want to go out for a ride in the country side.

Definitely some beautiful steel and lots of Carradice bags. Gotta get me some plus 4's.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised at how much stem is showing on many bikes.

Mike / Raleigh