Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NC Rider at Endless Mountains

Endless Mountains
, the new kid on the U.S. 1200K schedule, is officially under way as of 4 a.m. this morning. Tar Heel rider Jerry Phelps is among the randonneurs who have lined up for this challenging event.

He called this morning to say he and a group of riders are now at Mile 82, at the Blairstown, NJ control. Skies are overcast, temps are cool, but no rain so far and all are doing great, Jerry reports. He says the route has already had a few good hills. The area sure looks lumpy in the terrain map below.

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Bonne route to Jerry and the rest of the Endless Mountains crew.

Sept 30, 9 p.m. update: Jerry called last night from Carbondale at around 9. He'd ridden about 170 miles and said "it's cold here, and it's been tough." He had another 34 miles to go to the overnight control, which he apparently reached at 23:03, according to this photo caption.

The Endless Mountains organizers are doing a good job with updates. You can see them here.

Update: Noon October 1. Jerry called to say he has packed it in. He said he had a rough night and did not have 200 miles in his legs for today. Jerry, we're sorry to hear that. You'll get it next time. The good news is that the organizers have one more volunteer on the route.

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