Sunday, August 23, 2009

scenes from a Yanceyville Ramble

I wanted to pull out a gun on Gunn Poole Road. A shotgun. Pump action, and aim it at my own fat rear end. The three big hills were painful, and blasting 20 pounds off my ass might help me get up the hills easier. Then I remembered LeMond's Law: it never gets easier, you just go faster. And since there was no shotgun in my Carradice, I clipped in and kept going.

John's Yanceyville Ramble 200k permament has been a hit among local randonneurs, but Saturday was my introduction to it. It's a beautifully rural route that includes a few considerable hills, historic homes, North Carolina "Scenic Byways" and some time travel. The time travel part? It's accomplished by simply riding through downtown Yanceyville.

Thanks for designing and hosting such a great route, John. This one deserves to be ridden for a long time. (By the way, John's looking for someone to adopt this route since he and his family are moving to New Zealand. Drop him a line if you're interested.)

A few photos below, more here.

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dean furbish said...

Branson, I enjoy the historical element of all your ride reports. Here you've referred to it nicely as "time travel." Indeed, Yanceyville is the county seat of Caswell County named after the first governor of North Carolina, Richard Caswell.

Nice report!