Saturday, August 8, 2009

London Edinburgh London 2009 Stories -- Technology Marches On

It was pretty clear before the ride started that LEL organizers were not planning to offer online updates of riders' progress, like those that had been done two years before by PBP07 officials. A week before we headed to London, I found something that would let my family and friends know how we were doing and where we were. I have an iPhone and I bought a data package for England. I also bought a iPhone application, TweetMic, that allowed me to easily post audio messages to my blog via Twitter. The process was a bit frustrating. Many of the tweets I recorded would not upload, but enough got through to let folks know that we were moving steadily along and doing just fine, despite some atrocious weather conditions. Next time, I'll know to type in an ID tag and put more identifying info in each message, but by and large TweetMic worked well, and several friends thanked me for the updates, saying Ende and I sounded good the entire time. The tweets accurately reflect our mostly upbeat moods. The fact is, there were very few low moments on this ride.


Cap'n said...

I hear you. Very few low moments. In fact I couldn't remember any until I saw that pic of us at the Yad Moss base camp. Yikes. Can you believe that someone actually served us?

bullcitybiker said...

The audio tweets you guys did were simply awesome. One of your first from the pub was remarkable- as you spoke, glasses clinked in the background, the patrons talked, it was stunning. It was like an episode of "This American Life" centered on randonneuring. I think you're really onto something with that..