Saturday, August 8, 2009

London Edinburgh London 2009 Stories -- In Camera Conference

On the afternoon of Day 2, we stopped for a food break at a cafe in Middleton-in-Teesdale, a small market town in County Durham at the foot of Yad Moss, our one significant climb of the day. Looking for a food miracle in northern England, I went against my better judgment and ordered a hamburger. The folks in this part of the world probably have a dozen recipes for leg of lamb, but their preparation of the lowly hamburger still needs a bit of work. But all of these details are a distraction from the real story. I left my camera sitting on the chair beside me. I didn't miss it until I was two-thirds the way up Yad Moss. There was no way I was going to ride back down the hill to retrieve it. When I got to the Alston Control, I recruited a little help to hunt down the restaurant where we'd stopped. By now, it was closed, and the chances of being reunited with my camera grew slimmer by the minute. I was growing resigned to the loss, and mentioned that fact once more as we prepared to leave. A cyclist standing nearby heard me talking and asked, "What did you lose?" I told him I'd left my camera down the hill. With a sly smile, he whipped the camera out from behind his back. Happy day! He told me his name, and I promptly forgot it. But I did get his picture. Here it is. A million thanks.

Note: mystery solved! The riders are Brett and Chris. See the comments section.


CPCrossland said...

The British rider pictured who found your camera is Brett Hill of York. he was riding with Chris Boulton (also in picture) from Leeds. Both finished.



Mike D said...

Thanks, Chris,

Without the help of you and Brett I wouldn't have all of these great pictures.

I owe you guys a pint. Please come to NC and collect anytime.

Mike / Raleigh NC
LEL #226