Sunday, July 5, 2009

A New Kid in Town: Kerr Lake Loop Permanent, July 3, 2009

I knew it was going to be a special day. All three of my riding companions—Alan, Byron, and Mike—have RUSA numbers so low they look more like baseball stats. It was also a holiday, or, at least, almost a holiday. We saw one cyclist on Bike Route 1 south of Oxford with a flag attached to his handlebars that confirmed as much. And then there were the flags lining the Kerr Lake Dam. The lunch at Rose’s in Boydton, VA, where Mike and I ordered the tuna salad sub special on a hot tip from Branson. Two state-line sprints . . .

But let’s back up to the beginning. There was this “new” guy named Alan, pictured here, that shows up to ride with us. At least I thought he was new, since I’d never personally seen him before on a RUSA ride.

After the Oxford, NC, control at about mile 111, just when the rest of us thought we would settle into recovery mode for the remainder of the ride, Alan throws down a challenge, jumping out in front. The rest of us just couldn’t let the new kid on the block go uncontested. It turns out that the dude executes one monster pull along Cannaday Mills Rd all the way to the Tar River, on aero bars no less, as we hold onto our helmets!

“Aero bars Alan” pulls us along Cannaday Mills Rd.

Check out Byron’s blog here for an account of the ride and some pictures of a great day on the bikes. Thanks fellows! Oh yeah, it sure is great to have the new kid to hang out and ride with!


Anonymous said...

Go Al!
nd Lord Byron get's Rico points for rocking the RUSA jersey with cap.

Mike D said...

Congrats! I love that Al finally rode the Lake Loop, I hate that I missed the fun.