Saturday, July 11, 2009

Local Cycling Leader Bruce Rosar Killed In Accident

Local cycling advocate Bruce Rosar was killed in a bike car accident today. A few details here.

The impact on the local cycling community will be enormous. As you'll see from his Web site, he was active on the local, state and national level. He was the regional board member for the League of American Bicyclists, the national advocacy group, and he taught smart cycling to area cyclists. He was the director of the North Carolina Active Transportation Alliance, a founding member of the NC Coalition for Bicycle Driving, the Education Officer for the NC Bicycle Club and a member of the CAMPO Bicycle/Pedestrian Stakeholders Group.

Bruce rode his bike anywhere and everywhere. He'll be missed by all of the folks who have been taught by him and inspired by his leadership, or simply rode their bike with him on local rides or Cycle North Carolina.


bullcitybiker said...
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bullcitybiker said...

Bruce's death is a tragic loss, both for us, and especially for his loved ones.

He worked tirelessly for the rights of everyone who rode. Perhaps there are two ways we can honor Bruce and move his work forward:

1- ride in the NCBC Summer Rally next Sunday the 19th, and
2- join or donate to the NC Active Transportation Alliance, where he served on the board with our buddy Adrian.