Tuesday, July 14, 2009

GRR Video

Aaron Little shot video while riding the recent Gold Rush Randonnee. Great stuff. You'll see an NC Randonneurs jersey pop up from time to time. Enjoy.


Wes said...

I was totally oblivious that the camera was there. Everyone loved the jersey so I ended up wearing it over other jerseys the whole ride.

Cap'n said...

That is completely awesome. What did he use to shoot the video?

Rich said...

Love the Alan Parson's Project theme music... Don't know if I could keep it in my head for 1200k though!
Congrats to Wes for his R5000 qualifier!

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the vid. It was captured with a standard Canon SD1000 camera.

Hope to visit NC on the Shenandoah 1200 next year!