Saturday, May 30, 2009

NCBC Morrisville 600K underway!

The Morrisville 600K is underway! RBA Alan Johnson sent them off right on time, and the pack arrived in Carpenter "gruppo compacto" at 06:10. A few out-of-state visitors were in the mix, including Maile and Carol from DC Randonneurs. Even Wes was riding, marking his first ride on the route since The Greatest Comeback Ever in 2007. Looks like he picked a good weekend for his return: temperatures were in the low 60s and mid-level clouds may keep them out of the sun.

I leapfrogged the group down to Chealybeate Springs where only 4 riders passed before I had to leave. Wes rode by, saying the main group had gotten off track, but had returned to the route. Off track?! Can't wait to hear how that happened! We've been doing this route since, well- a loonnnng time. More updates throughout the weekend..

UPDATE Saturday 13:30
Wes called, he's trying to make it to Wilmington with a very bad knee..

UPDATE Saturday 16:45
Jerry says he's thinking about riding all night. Doesn't know about Wes' condition.

UPDATE Saturday 17:45
Fearless Leader / RBA Al says Wes made it to Wilmington and will abandon there with volunteer Dan.

UPDATE Sunday 07:15
Jerry called in and is between Erwin and Buies Creek. He's riding solo, and I think he rode all night. He thinks Lynn and Justin may have already finished or are close. JoAnn and Maile are several miles ahead of him, and he thinks a few more may be as well. Mike and a big group were holed up overnight in White Lake and looking for a big breakfast. Overcast conditions and some surprise showers may help tired riders pick up their speed just a little bit. More to come..

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skiffrun said...

I have it from L that she and Justin finished @ ~ 6:15 despite the four bonus miles when they missed a turn in the last couple hours. L claims a road sign was missing.