Friday, May 8, 2009

Bicycle Dreams

A cool looking movie on RAAM has just come out and it's racking up positive reviews and film festival awards.

Among the reviews:
"A spectacular and heartfelt film that offers a riveting portrait of extreme courage in the face of inhuman obstacles. Bicycle Dreams is an artistic triumph that renewed my belief in the power of desire and the strength of the human will."

The official site is here. I think you'll be able to order a copy in the next couple of weeks.

The movie has a Facebook page, as does RAAM winner Jure Robic. Once again, let me direct you to that brilliant NYT article about Robic.

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steveo said...

Mike D - thanks for the mention - this is Stephen the director of Bicycle Dreams - can you get in touch with me - I am looking to hold screenings around the country and would like to know about your area...
you can email me through the contact page on