Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Product: Wool Toe Warmers?

My friend Deb at Joneswares, the maker of fine Merino wool cycling clothing, occasionally sends me a product to try out. Last week she sent me a pair of wool toe covers. Her note:

"Last week, I was tired of taping my neoprene booties together and frustrated that my expensive C_________ toe warmers won't stay on. So here's a concept pair of toe warmers.... I understand if you don't want to wear them in front of anyone."

Deb, down here in the South, toe warmers are part of our standard winter uniform. I look forward to trying these out.

I've gone through a couple pairs of toe warmers made by Performance. They're worthless. They last about a month before the thin fabric tears just behind the cleat. I either lose them along the route or end up rubber banding them to my shoe.

Deb's prototype has an elastic strip sewn in right where the Performance brand always rips. You can see it in this picture. Are my toe warmer woes over? Stay tuned.

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