Sunday, February 15, 2009

ride through Research Trailer Park

Met up with Jack this afternoon for a ride through Research Trailer Park. Though we live basically around the corner from each other, he showed me some roads I've never ridden in the decade I've been here.

Turns out he bought this Surly Long Haul Trucker just the other day. Look familiar? It faithfully carried Dr. John M through a Super Randonneur series or two.

Jack's an avid bike commuter, and serves on the Durham Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission. He's mailed off his RUSA membership, and is gunning for Alan's April 200K as his first brevet.

Thanks for the new route, Jack, and welcome.


morrisbenedict said...

Hey Jack and Branson--nice pics. I can claim only one SR series thus far--there is another John M in Seattle who shows up on my RUSA results too. All the best, John M.

bullcitybiker said...

@ John-

I wondered how you bagged Alan's Hotter'n'Hades 600 PLUS a SIR 600 on the same day! Figured maybe you traded your usual plane for a Concorde.