Tuesday, February 3, 2009



dean furbish said...

A wonderful dream, Branson---doing a fleche in France under an Easter moon, if I'm reading and understanding the fine print clearly! Go for it!

And congrats to you, Cindy, and Paul on the R-5000---a big deal!

Cap'n said...

Ahh to ride a bicycle in France. That is a dream. After PBP in 2003 I couldn't think about riding anywhere else other than France. That experience was so great that I felt that it couldn't be matched again--at least not here. The French have a love of the bicycle. They all ride bicycles. They respect and expect riders of bicycles. A fleche in France would be a great experience. I've thought about other rides in France including brevets and Bordeaux Paris but I haven't pulled the trigger on anything outside of PBP yet. I hope that you pull it off.

bullcitybiker said...

Thanks, Dean. You paint a pretty picture under that Easter moon..

And Cap'n, it's to dream the impossible dream- this year. But one day..