Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Team Food Lion?!

Recognize that lion logo?

Most Tar Heels know grocery chain Food Lion is based in Salisbury, just down the interstate from Research Trailer Park. (And many of us are still scratching our heads at the name change from Food Town, 25 years ago.)

But did you know parent company Delhaize is a big sponsor of cycling back home in Belgium? Now the only question is, why can't we find a nice Belgian dubbel in the
Food Lion beer section?

photos courtesy and copyright of
The Six Days of Ghent


Anonymous said...

Cher monsieur bullcitybiker, le grand cycliste international, je crois que Food Lion a deux bieres belges: la Lune Bleu (Blue Moon) fabrique par Coors, en actualite, et aussi Stella Artois.

On the other hand, yer right. I ain't seen no Belgian dubble in the beer aisle at Food Lion nearest my trailer park where I been conductin' some real research.

After that there ride in Den-tawn next month, come on down with that movie star Cajun and we'll toss a few back 'til we see dubble.

bullcitybiker said...

Yo Anonymous-

I admit Stella is a dang fine lager, but to compare it to Chimay- have you been drinkin'?!

See you in Denton, and Joyeux Noel!


Anonymous said...

Mon ami, bullcitybiker. Vous avez raison. Ils sont incomparables!

See you in Denton!

Joyeux noel!

Cap'n said...

Shouldn't that guy on the motor bike have his eyes open? Also its not fair that he is racing against the dude on the track bike.