Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holy Smoke & Pig on a Bike

We went to a book signing tonight for friend William McKinney, co-author of a new barbecue book, Holy Smoke. Barbecue is akin to a religion here in North Carolina, and people speak of it in hushed tones, usually over a basket of hush puppies. There are two main sects -- the devout followers of Piedmont style, and those heathens who prefer eastern style.

The signing was held at the Pit, Ed Mitchell's [oxymoron alert] upscale barbecue joint in downtown Raleigh, just out the back door from Anthony Ulinski's Dovetail Studio. There was a sizeable crowd on hand, including a lot of newspaper types who, born with the ability to sniff out a free meal from two blocks away, wandered over from the N&O headquarters. There were also several owners of other barbecue restaurants featured in the book. Ed put out two heaping trays of barbecue, slaw and sweet tea. And did I mention banana pudding?

I've never left a book reading with more food in my belly.

The painting at the top of the page, Pig on a Bike, was done by Tisha Edwards, who is also the restaurant's hostess.


bullcitybiker said...

Hey, that's "Eastern" with a capital E, Bubba!

William C. McKinney said...

Hey, thanks for the note Mike, so glad you and Kelly were able to make it out -- please bring Elsie next time she's available. Upscale Bar-B-Q indeed, though I must say I'm jealous of the artwork at the pit. Both the above pig on bike, and the etched glass hog are nice takes on the ever-present pork art in BBQ restaurant. Cheers!