Monday, October 20, 2008

A couple blog notes

Riding buddy Byron is the latest N.C. rider to launch a blog. He mentioned it on the ride Saturday, and I hunted it down this morning. The name: randonneurextra. His "about me" says it: "born with a wrench in my hand and grease in my veins. i love bicycles -- these simple and elegant machines speak to me in a language i understand."

Byron and I have a common friend in Geof, who is also blogging regularly. Besides being a helluva strong rider, he's also got a terrific photographic eye. He often travels the fair circuit with his parents, who have a root beer booth. That means he gets lots of shots with a carnival atmosphere. I was especially struck by this latest collection from the Great Frederick Fair.

Finally, my son, who is serving in the Peace Corps in Mali, has an interesting post about a new way to water your plants. See it here.

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-b said...

thanks for the plug! i'm slowly giving up my luddite ways and embracing this 'technology thing'. gotta get me one of them fancy digital camera thingies.