Saturday, August 16, 2008

RUSA 10th Anniversary Ride

What a great day for a ride!

RUSA's 10th Anniversary celebration kicks off this morning with rides taking place across the country.

Here in N.C., we had 34 riders show up for our 200K, which rolled out of the Morrisville parking lot at 6 this morning. A 110K populaire gets going at 10. Riders from both events should finish up at around the same time, and a picnic is planned at Morrisville's Community Park.

I pre-rode with Chuck and Branson last Saturday so I could practice my short-order cook skills today. I set the alarm early so I could see everybody off this morning. Lots of familiar faces were at the start, including: Glenn from Virginia, who I hadn't seen since Dinge on last year's PBP; Shenandoah vets Lin and Jon; Paul from Charlotte; locals Jerry, Branson, Dean, Wes, JoAnn, Byron, John, Gregg, Mike, Paul, Gary & Sara; and new faces including Vance from Greensboro and some names I did not catch. And of course: Fearless Leader Al and his lovely bride.

I'm one of the first on the Web with shots of RUSA's anniversary celebration, but you're likely to see hundreds more photos nationwide as ride reports from about 25 events begin to roll in.

Let the fun begin!

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Felkerino said...

Great work Mike. Thanks for the photos. I can't ride but it's fun to ride along via your post.