Monday, July 21, 2008

RAGBRAI -- Day 2 -- 100 miles to Jefferson

Beautiful blue skies greeted us again this morning, but they did not last. The ride went well; however, I didn't set any speed records. This is not the type of ride for that. The ride and all that goes with it are too much fun just to blast through the towns that really roll out the red carpet for us. Coon Rapids was the designated "Party Town" today. It was like the State Fair and the Circus all wrapped up. Elvis singing on a flat bed trailer, kids leading their prized heifers, pigs, and lambs through the streets, and every kind of pie you can imagine. I spent an hour or more just walking around and talking to people--ate my share of pie too.

It's a short post tonight, because we are hunkering down anticipating a nasty storm this evening. We are already seeing lightning to the northwest and the cloud formations are pretty ominous. Too bad too, Jefferson has set up for a fun evening of music and good food.

The Skunks are camped tonight on a golf course on the edge of town. The owner has assured us that he will leave the clubhouse open in case the storms become violent and we need to seek shelter. These folks know weather better than Greg Fischel so I'm listening closely. Hopefully it will bypass us, like it has every night so far.

Tune in tomorrow night for a special interview with Scott Dickson.


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bullcitybiker said...

That comment about The Fish is hurtful, Jerry.

Keep dodging those anvil clouds and have fun-