Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sunday's Lake Loop

I tagged along for a portion of this 200K but did not have time for an all-day ride. However, Mike R did a nice ride report, which includes a passage on his favorite ride food: umm...canned fish.

I brought all my own food except the ice cream sandwich reward at the last control. I ate pounds of organic fig bars and honey roasted peanuts. I ate three cans of fish. BTW Trader Joe's has some good stuff cheap. I had a can of their sardines, and a can of their kippered herring. Also had a can of Reese smoked clams from Walmart.

Read the full report here.

I got a few shots of the riders and felt compelled to share. The reason: they're a good-looking bunch who look that much better through my new camera, the Nikon L18. My L12 died, and the boys at Peace Camera accused me of killing it. Boys, it wasn't me, it was the One-Armed Man.

Right out of the box, I can tell the L18 is a marked improvement over the old model. Check these shots out. You'll see (in descending order) Mike R, Dean, Sridhar in the new NCBC jersey and Gregg, one of our newer randonneurs.

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