Thursday, June 5, 2008

Shenandoah 1200K now under way...

Several of the N.C. randonneuring crew, including 6 PBP veterans, are heading up to Fancy Gap, Va. this evening, to man the control at Mile 440 of the inaugural Shenandoah 1200K. The ride started early this morning.

The RTP crew will be taking lots of pictures, and we'll update the blog, if possible, during the ride. We'll also be calling in updates to our good friend Ed Felker with The Daily Randonneur, so be sure to check out his site over the weekend.

Best of luck to all the riders. We're pulling for you.

Update: Bill Beck, a DC-Rand member and a volunteer at the Gettysburg Control, sent this report and a link to photos and a captioned slideshow:
The Shenandoah 1200 started from Leesburg, VA at 4AM on Thursday, June 5. These pictures are from the first control in Gettsburg, PA, which was open from 7:12 to 11:16. The lead pack of about 15 riders arrived at 7:51, and the lantern rouge at about 10:04. All the riders who passed through the control seemed to be doing well. Conditions in the morning were pleasant with no rain and temperatures rising into the low 80s. But temperatures later in the day were predicted to rise
into the high 80s, with substantial humidity. (Temperatures in the mid-90s with heat index around 100F are predicted for Saturday.)

Best of luck to all of the Shenandoah 1200 riders, and especially our fellow DC Randonneurs! -- Bill

Friday noon update: The Tar Heel randonneuring crew is set up at Fancy Gap, and we're hanging out with the Hillsville bunch. The crowd: Branson, Jerry, Byron, Chris, Annette, Susan, Claire, Jim.

We've just heard of a high DNF rate because of oppressive heat in the Valley. As many as 14 riders out of 56 that started have dropped out.

We don't expect to see the first riders until late this afternoon.

More later. In the meantime, here are a couple photos from Fancy Gap control. Click on the picture and you'll be directed to the google album Branson uploaded.

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