Monday, May 5, 2008

Josh Stein for N.C. Senate

Pardon this political announcement. Josh Stein is running for the N.C. Senate and I believe he deserves the vote of every cyclist -- and non-cyclist -- in District 16. If you're wondering whether you're in his district, here's the map:

I like Josh Stein for a lot of reasons, and his support of bicycling and mass transit in the Triangle are two of those reasons. Here's what he said in response to an email from our friend Yo Adrian.

I believe that biking is an important transportation option. I personally enjoy riding my bike a great deal and believe that the state should invest in bikeways and bike safety. Reducing the number of cars on the road is a public benefit.

Here's his Web site if you want more information on where he stands.


A note from the Josh Stein headquarters:

We Won!

Josh Stein - 19,036 - 48.67%

Jack Nichols - 15,692 - 40.12%

Mike Shea - 4,386 - 11.21%

Thanks for everything!!

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