Monday, May 19, 2008


Paul P and I slogged to the top of the leg-breaking hill. A small sign rolled into view and Paul cracked me up:

"'Immer?' Imm 'er some big d@*# hills!"

Had I not been gasping for air so hard, I would've laughed myself right off the bike.

But that lonley "Immer" sign stayed with me. Was it the site of a forgotten community, or a general store long gone? A year later, Google still won't give up anything, but my Topo software offers a clue. Remember the sharp curve with the pretty church up above it? The USGS map says that is Immer. Makes sense. There are signs of civilization there, as opposed to that shaded, quiet intersection. So maybe the DOT just put the sign in the wrong place. A little comic relief for us randonneurs.

And Immer glad they did.

Quick update (from Mike): Ed has posted photos from the 400K here. A few of the usual suspects show up.

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Anonymous said...

I'm immer love with that topo map.