Monday, April 14, 2008

Lake Loop Riders / April 13

The Lake Loop Permanent saw four randonneurs yesterday -- Tom and Mary Florian (who were part of last weekend's S.C. 300K adventure), as well as Dean and Sridhar. Sridhar sent those pictures from the final control. Three of us -- myself, Danno and JoeRay -- met them at the start yesterday and tagged along for 30 miles before turning back. It was such a beautiful day that we all regretted having things to do that prevented a full Lake Loop.

Here's Dean's description of the full ride:

The four of us---Mary, Tom, Sridhar, and me---had a wonderful ride yesterday. The weather was perfect. Despite the fact that I've done the Loop year-round, this was the first time that I've done it when the redbuds and dogwoods were in bloom.

The Florians are really something---completing the 43-mile Mt Mitchell Training Ride Saturday in Spartanburg, S.C., and then doing the 130-mile Kerr Lake Loop Permanent ride on Sunday.

We got the Skipwith wind boost, which kicked in nicely after Clarksville.

Stopped and ate lunch at Subway in Clarksville. People are amazed that we pedal up from north Raleigh and back. I can understand that---it amazes me!

Congrats to all. See you on the road soon.

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