Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekend Rides / New Bike Progress

Just back in from a fun 60 miler with JoeRay, Danno, Wes and Jerry. We planned a big loop that took us over lots of hills in Chatham County then dumped us at the halfway point in front of the Pittsboro General Store, where everybody got waffles. The boys were feeling frisky today, and there were lots of 24 and 25 mph stretches. Jerry led us up lots of hills on the single speed.

Today’s ride topped off a good weekend of riding. JoeRay and I did 60 fast, windblown miles yesterday with the Gyros.

Folks have been asking how the Coho was coming along. When I got home, Chuck had emailed two new fotos. Here they are.

The first shot shows the frame shined up for tomorrow’s guest appearance at the Greensboro Velo Club meeting. Chuck said he doesn’t usually clean them up so much before the powder coating. I think it looks fantastic just like it is. It’s almost a shame to paint it. Could use a seat, though.

This picture shows what Chuck calls the decaleur, which is part of the device that holds the front Berthaud bag in place. I won’t use the front bag on every ride, and I didn’t want to leave that on there all the time, so Chuck made one that I can easily remove. Said Chuck: “The decaleur unbolts from the steerer tube clamp and you can take the clamp off and replace it with a 10mm spacer.”

It's been fun watching Chuck work through solutions when a customer like me asks for something a little different than what he's done before.


Bob O. said...

I like the decaleur option! I think the bike looks great too; perhaps just a little clear coat?

Scott said...

Handsome. I especially dig the pump behind the seat tube. And I agree on the clear coat...

Bob O. said...

It's like the Delorean!

philosoraptor said...

I saw it up close and personal at tonight's Greensboro Velo Club meeting. It's very nice, even though there's still a bit more to be done before it's complete.

Can you discuss prices, or is that rude?

Anonymous said...

Dear philosoraptor,

Thanks for the first-hand report. I could discuss price, but I'd rather leave that to Chuck. I will say that Chuck's rates are incredibly reasonable for a custom frame, and working with him on this project has been a joy. Contact him and see for yourself.

All the best in your 2008 riding.


philosoraptor said...

Agreed about the reasonableness of Chuck's prices.
And I forgot to mention just how much knowledge and skill he exuded (but not in an arrogant way). It's safe to say that he takes his craft very seriously.